Difference between list and tuple

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language. Over the past few years, more and more people have started using python. Python is an ideal teaching language for beginners. It is easy to learn the syntax of python, which in turn reduces the cost of maintenance of the program. With little investment of time and … Read more

Difference between Parallel Computing and Distributed Computing

Computers do not have the ability to think. They perform tasks according to the instructions provided to them by the user. So how does this process work? Computing is the process of processing information to complete a goal-oriented task using a computer.  Since a wide variety of tasks can be assigned to the computer depending … Read more

Difference between TCP and UDP

Our system is designed efficiently to ensure that we can transfer data from one system to another. Ever wondered how this process works? Our network has a reference model that specifies standards for communications protocols and also the functionalities of each layer. Protocols are a set of standard rules for communication from one system to … Read more

Difference between C and C++

When we begin to learn to program we are given the choice of selecting the language we are most comfortable to code in. Nowadays, java and python are the most preferred languages to code, by the young coders. However, the basics are always taught in C and then C++. For decades now C and C++ … Read more

Difference between JPEG and JPG

We wish to preserve the divine moments of our lives forever. What better way to cherish these moments than to click a picture. Each photograph narrates its own story of happiness, sadness, anger or love. Some regular image formats are PNG, JPEG, JPG, RAW and many more. So what makes these different from one another? … Read more