Procedure for Identification

In this article we will see the Identification Procedure in detail. The flow chart for Identification is shown below.

Flow chart for Identification Procedure
Flow chart for Identification Procedure

The process is divided into 4 steps and are explained as follows:

Step-1: Experiment

Apply input and observe the effect on output results used to infer a model of the system.

Step-2: Select Model Structure

In second step we choose set of candidate models and assigned different subsets. These model structure are selected based on appropriate model structure. example: linear, multilayer perceptron, wavelets, etc.

Step-3: Estimate Model

To pick one particular model based on some performance criterion.

Step-4: Validate Model

To check whether the estimated model meets the requirements. It will ensure that the model is useful not only for the estimation data but also for other data sets of interest.


Q1. Explain all four steps involved in Identification Procedure.

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