Advanced Instumentation

GeneralisedMeasument Systems: System concept of measurement schemes, Generalized performance characteristics of measurement systems.

Error Analysis: types of errors, Methods of error analysis, uncertainty analysis, statistical analysis, and propagation of errors.

Sensors & Transducers: Classification, selection of Transducer, transducer conditioning, transducer selection and specification, capacitive transducer, inductive transducer, resistive transducer, electromagnetic transducer, magnetostrictive transducer, photosensors, hall effect sensors.

Data Acquisition: Introduction to data acquisition, Sampling fundamentals, Input/Output techniques and buses.
ADC, DAC, Digital I/O, Data acquisition interface requirements. Signal conditioning, DAQ hardware configuration.
Radiation Detection: Ionization Chamber, Geiger Muller Counter, Proportional Counter, scientillation Counters. Methods of data Transmission:General telemetry systems, DC & AC telemetry system, Modulation, Pulse telemetry
systems, Digital telemetry.

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