Islanding Operation in Electrical Grid

Frequency and Voltage are two important parameters which decide the healthiness of the electrical grid at a particular instant of time. Frequency fluctuations occur in the electrical grid when there is a mismatch between the amount of power generation and amount of power demand. Both under frequency and over frequency operation is harmful to the … Read moreIslanding Operation in Electrical Grid

Voltage & Frequency Operating Range (tolerance) of Grid Supply in India

Frequency variation in the power system exists due to the mismatch between the supply of power and demand for the power. Voltage variations exist in the power grid is due to the mismatch in the reactive power between demand (MVAR) and available. In spite of all these variations, there is a certain limit for the … Read moreVoltage & Frequency Operating Range (tolerance) of Grid Supply in India

Telemetry Systems

In modern measurement systems, the various components comprising the system are usually located at the distance from each other. It is, therefore, becomes necessary to transmit the data and information between them through some form of communication channel. Telemetry may be defined as measurement at a distance. Telemetry is indicating, recording, integrating a quantity at … Read moreTelemetry Systems

Causes of Low Power Factor | Power Factor Improvement

In this article, we will learn about causes of low power factor and methods to avoid low Power Factor. Causes of Low Power Factor Some of the reasons for low power factor are 1. Induction motors and Transformers Where ever the magnetising current is to be produced by the ac power such as in the … Read moreCauses of Low Power Factor | Power Factor Improvement

Advantages of Instrument Transformers

Voltmeters and Ammeters are used to measure the voltage and current in the circuits. Using instrument transformers,¬†ranges of these devices to measure can be increased. A current transformer is basically a step-down transformer; hence it steps down the current. When used in conjunction with the low range ammeter, a current transformer (CT) increases the range … Read moreAdvantages of Instrument Transformers

Moving Coil Instruments Advantages & Disadvantages

The operation of moving coil meters depends on the electromagnetic effect of the current (a force is exerted on the current carrying conductor when placed in a magnetic field). Moving coil instruments are of two types Permanent magnet type Dynamometer type Permanent magnet type moving coil instruments can be used only in dc circuits whereas … Read moreMoving Coil Instruments Advantages & Disadvantages

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